Age Group


Hi guys


Here some stuff to get you started at home. I’ll be adding more stuff as we go both to keep your bodies and minds active. 

Make sure you’re always doing your accessory work like Therabands and mobility.

The more you do the easier it will be to get going once we can go to the pool.


And remember, support each other!


See you soon,


 If you guys need any help or assistance, drop me an email:

Zoom Calls

Call One

Sunday 2nd August, 1 pm

Explanation: Yoga & Mobility 

Call Two

Monday 3rd August, 5 pm

Explanation: Group Exercise 

Call Three

Wednesday 5th August, 5 pm

Explanation: Group Experience

Call Four

Friday 7th August, 10 am

Explanation: Catch Up & Games


Additional Resources

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