Our Vision & Values 

ELST Vision & Values

To be sustainable and successful composite swim team, which continuously strives for excellence and encourages our swimmers, coaches and volunteers to maximise their potential.

To do this we will ...

  • Provide a professional and quality swim programme that is inclusive, friendly and fun.

  • support our swimmers in applying a growth mindset to their development; taking ownership of their performances, reviewing goals and building resilience by embracing challenges as learning opportunities.

  • Encourage hard work and a competitive attitude in our swimmers, celebrating their achievements as well as promoting team spirit and sportsmanship.

  • Support the personal development of our coaching team and our volunteers.

  • promote the importance of respect, trust and co-operation across the whole team (swimmers, coaches and parent/volunteers).

  • Work positively with our Home Club partners to maintain a sense of belonging for our current swimmers and ensure there is an effective development pathway for future swimmers.