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Coaching Team Interview

Coaching Team Interview (19/04/2020)

On 19th April 2020, this Zoom meeting took place between Tom Slater (Communications Officer for ELST, also a parent of an ELST swimmer) and Bruce Halloran, Danny Kirkham, Jamie Ward and Jenn Davis (the ELST Coaching Team).  We felt that the current suspension of swimming would be a good time for swimmers and parents to learn more about the coaches.  We covered a wide-ranging list of topics, and in this conversation, you will hear about their swimming backgrounds, their approaches to coaching, what they most enjoy about their jobs, what challenges they face (aside from the present circumstances), and also some fun things so we could all have a bit of a laugh!  This is a really hard time for everyone in the swimming community so we hope that this conversation will educate, inspire, and make you all smile.  Hang in there everyone, we'll be back in the pool as soon as we can.  Enjoy!

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