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ELST Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge: 24th - 31st May 2020 

This week’s challenge is a Strava challenge, but we do not want you to run the fastest or cycle the furthest distance. No, we want you to be creative and come up with your own ‘Strava art piece’. There are loads of examples online but, we want you to be imaginative and create a unique design, bonus points if you can incorporate ELST in some way. You will have from this Sunday (24th) until next Sunday (31st) to complete this challenge and submit your designs (along with your name) at the link below. The coaching team will then decide a winner from each squad and an overall winner for the team. 

Please remember to read Strava’s privacy guideline before getting started. We recommend that all members under the age of 15 should be accompanied by an adult and that the adult should be the user recording their session via Strava. 

Let us finish Scottish Swimming’s #FishOutOfWater challenge for Mental Health Awareness Week with some fun, good luck team!

Weekly Challenge: 17th May 2020 

“For time challenge” 


This weeks challenge is a “for time” challenge and is divided up into Age Groups.  

You will complete the below exercise from the age range you fit into and submit your time via the google form.  

Remember to warm up and stretch off. 


16 & Over Winners

1st - Fergus Miller

13-15 Winners

1st - Zach Slater

2nd - Hannah Ormiston 

3rd - Callum Peebles

12 and under Winners

1st - Ross Anderton

2nd - Olivia Flockhart

3rd - Joel Begg

Weekly Challenge: 26th April - 2nd May 2020 

This week’s Sunday Challenge is a little bit different – we are looking for submissions for the first-ever Great ELST Bake Off and instead of running just Sunday during the day submissions will be open from Sunday 26th of April to Sunday 3rd of May – you will have a whole week to create something worthy of being selected as winner – both squad and overall team.


Use the google form to submit your name, the name of your creation and some photos. The special guest judges including coaches, swimmers and committee members will decide what the best-looking creations are and who the winners are. If we get enough entries we could even consider a parents winner too.  

Good luck swimmers! 


Our Winners:

1st Place: Gemma Darling

545FACF5-5CCA-4410-8313-308FD3EE30FA - G

2nd Place: Alice Finlay

F51E28DD-DEE3-4EDB-A280-A785665418AA - S

3rd Place: Georgia Cowan

0527BE68-F70E-4348-AB79-EA325A694BA2 - G

Click on the link below for all the entries

Weekly Challenge: 19th April 2020 

Overall leaders from this week's challenge:


1st Zach 76,300

2nd Mollie 55,100

3rd Olivia 35,020


Total steps from swimmers: 834,824 roughly 630km ie the distance between Haddington & Calais in France or 5.25 Football pitches or 12600 lengths of the RCP. 

Well done everyone who took part, that's am impressive number of steps.


Weekly Challenge: 12th April 2020 

And here it is, our "Bring Sally Up" challenge video, well done guys!!

Challenge: 5th April 2020 Winners

Our top 3 are:

1st: Ross Anderton - Age Group Squad

2nd: Lucy Fleming - Development Squad

3rd: Zach Slater - Youth Squad

Well done everyone who took part!!


Challenge: 29th March 2020 Winners

Our top 3 are:

1st: Rihanna Marko - Age Group Squad

2nd: Gemma Darling - Youth Squad

3rd: Emma / Alice Finlay - Youth/Development Squad

Well done everyone who took part!!

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