Performance Squad

Hi guys,

I will post up your weekly land training programme here.  I have also been pulling together some content that may interest you and I will post these up on Mondays.  If you have any questions or need to chat about anything through this time, please reach out.  Stick together team, we'll be back in the pool in no time.


Quote of the Week!

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” 

Michael Jordan


Dr. Matthew Walker | The Secret to Improving Your Metabolism, Reaction Time and Longevity

Allistair McCaw:

My 10 Rules for Success

Russ Barber (Coaching Philosophy And Learning From Experience)

Natalie Coughlin:

Mindfulness and More

The High Performance Podcast:

Tom Daley

Lilly King:

Dealing with Haters & This Pandemic

Allison Schmitt:

Swimming & The Importance of Mental Health

"What It Takes"

with Bob Bowman

Missy Franklin on Being a Champion in Victory and Defeat



Zoom Calls

Call One

Tuesday 4th August, 3 pm

Explanation: Lets have a chat

Call Two

Wednesday 5th August, 2:30 pm

Explanation: Circuit Session

Call Three

Friday 7th August, 4 pm

Explanation: Yoga Session

Call Four

Saturday 8th August, 12:30 pm

Explanation: Circuit Session


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