Our Squad 

The ELST programme provides training and competition opportunities for performance swimmers in East Lothian which cannot be provided effectively by swimming Clubs working in isolation. ELST works with the Clubs, identifying talented athletes and providing them with the opportunity to train for National competition and beyond. As we take swimmers from all Home Clubs, we create a critical mass of athletes, adding value to the County’s Swim Pathway. Without ELST talented swimmers in East Lothian would have to train elsewhere e.g Edinburgh, Fife:  given the intense training regime, this would make participation at the higher end of the sport impractical for most, particularly those from the East of the County.


The programme allows swimming coaches and partners across East Lothian to share experience and best practice for the benefit of the coaches, athletes and all participants in East Lothian Swimming Clubs.


ELST represents the peak of the swimming pyramid in East Lothian. We place considerable emphasis on working in partnership with all Clubs in East Lothian to ensure a pull through of talented swimmers who aspire to be the next generation of East Lothian swimming stars, following in the wake of the likes of James Clegg, Mark Tully and Stephen Clegg.


Our aim over the past few years has been to build a training structure that can offer all our members this opportunity to attain their potential.  In 2019/20 we introduced our next phase of squad alterations, moving the programme even closer to the British Swimming Long Term Athlete Development Programme / OADF.  

Each squad allows a transition for seamless progression through our programme from Development Squad, all the way through to Performance.  Rather than 4 significant and, at times, overly challenging squad progressions, this new system has ensured that swimmers are continually challenged and will never be out of their depths.  Through using our Team Standards document, which has been developed using national standards and internal testing data, we move swimmers in a safe and control manner

This programme also allows swimmers to get to know the coach of each squad, how they work and what will be expected from them when they move through our Team.


LTAD Squad Splits And Competitive Expectations:

Swimmers will be moved between squads based on testing data which will be displayed in the “Criteria feedback forms” and also through Squad Coach / Head Coach discretion.

  • Performance Squad: Train to Compete & Train to Win - Competition expectations are British Open / British Summer / Scottish National / Age Group Champs

  • Youth Squad: Train to Train - Competition expectations are Scottish National / Age Group Champs 

  • Age Group Squad Squad: Train to Train - Competition expectations are East Districts / National Age Groups

  • Junior Age Group Squad: Train to Train - Competitive expectations are local meets and East Districts.

  • Development (Entry) Squad:  Swim Skills & Early Train to Train - Competition expectations are Local and Club competitions with a few opportunities to compete with ELST. Training is split between 2x Home Club and 3x ELST sessions