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East Lothian Swim Team (ELST) provides a performance training environment for competitive swimming in East Lothian.  Talented, committed and ambitious swimmers train together as a single composite team to achieve success at East District, Scottish National, British and International levels. Our swimmers come from our three Home Clubs, Musselburgh, Tranent & Haddington Amateur Swimming Clubs. #threeclubsoneteam

As well as developing as a swimmer, there are other benefits to be gained from participation in our programme, including: physical fitness and a feeling of well-being, personal confidence which develops with measurable progress tested in a competitive environment, a sense of discipline, a positive attitude which carries over into other aspects of life such as schoolwork, resilience and the ability to deal with both success and failure and the enjoyment of new friendships with swimmers from different Clubs.


Congratulations to the ELST swimmers and coaching team for finishing as the third best team at the Scottish National Age Group Championships 2022



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Our programme is an equal opportunities programme with swimmers competing at National, District and previously Paralympic levels.  Training schedules and format is tailored to the specific needs of all swimmers personally. ELST is open to swimmers by invitation and swimmers come from our three Home Clubs.


ELST is open to swimmers who have demonstrated the potential to train and compete at performance level. We operate in line with British Swimming’s “Long Term Athlete Development Policy” (LTAD), which promotes a steady and strategic journey through “age group” swimming to ensure that each and every swimmer has the highest chance of achieving their potential in the sport.    


Currently we have 2 swimmers who are in the disability pathway. These swimmers have competed at National level events and have been selected for the National Training Programme. ELST fully supports these swimmers and they are integrated into our training schedule.





World Class Coaching team able to support talent development of coaches and swimmers.


  • Jamie Ward is our Head Coach and our Youth Squad Coach UKCC Level 3


  • Danny Kirkham our Performance Squad Coach at UKCC Level 2 is also the Head Coach of Musselburgh ASC.


  • Andrew McKnight our Age Group Squad Coach at UKCC Level 2.


  • Andy Ward our Development Squad Coach at UKCC Level 2.


Danny Kirkham

Performance Squad


Jamie Ward

Head Coach & Youth Squad Coach

Andy Ward

Development Squad Coach

Andrew McKnight

Age Group Squad Coach

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